Responsive Website Design – The Top Problems Of Non-Responive Website Pages

Hearing from your website development clients that designs need to be more responsive? The truth is long gone are the days when most website views and online activities were done from the desktop. Now living in a world filled with laptops, tablets and smartphones the lines of device viewing, browser popularity and website and app usage are becoming more and more blurred by the day. What does this mean for us web page developers? It means now more then ever before we have to be able to design and develop in a world that responds to ever changing landscapes and environments. Simple desktop designs simply do not work anymore. Lets take a look at this Hub & Spoke responsive website design infographic to get a better idea what problems are currently plaguing website and app developers at this time.

Top Issues Of Non-Responive Website Pages and Designs #1: 66% Have Website Pages That Are Too Slow To Load Across Devices, Platforms and Browsers

Don't you hate when you visit a website and then sit there for ever waiting for the content, media, data and information to load? More often then not this leads to just closing out our browsers and moving onto another website that can fulfill are purpose or need. If you are a website or app designer once the best ways to differentiate yourself is through development that promotes quick loading times and platform access that is keeping up with the internet speed of the times. This is great reminder that we must not be slow to react to demand for high speed page loading and viewing.

Top Issues Of Non-Responive Website Pages and Designs #2: 48% Have Websites That Are Not Compatible With Mobile Smartphones and Tablets

Its surprising that in this day and age there is still about half of the world wide web that has not caught up with the transition to a more mobile planet. Technological innovation is now pushing the envelop when it comes to size and uses and websites need to keep up with this change. People are not sitting at home or at office on the computer anymore. People are now flying with their computers, traveling to remote locations with their computers and using computers to power almost every aspect of their mobile lives and strong smartphone and tablet design and development is the only way to stay tapped into and connected with the trends of the times.

Top Issues Of Non-Responive Website Pages and Designs #3: 42% Have Websites That Are Not Readable On Mobile Platforms

What good is a website that works on smartphones and tablets but visitors still can view the information or content. If you guessed not much you would be right. What good is it to have something available if it does not even work. This can be extremely frustrating to your website users and a huge turn off to potential fans, customers and clients. Non readable website content is largely the responsibility of the designers and developers and this is just further proof of how much room for improvement is needed in regards to coding that matches the needs of the future of the web. Are coding, design and development practices up to par when it comes to meeting tomorrows demands?