Primoris Software Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) – What's The Deal With Dynamic HTML

Found us because you hope to make creating interactive and animated web sites easier for you and your clients? Our software does exactly that and we know all to well what it is like to either try to build an app or website for the first time or to try and please demanding clients. The face of the internet is changing and that means we all will have to adapt to the new modern mobile world and that requires more flexible website building. From cross browser functionality, to multi device management to responsive design there is a lot that goes into creating a dynamic website that meets the criteria and standards of today's Internet age. Regardless if you have never built a website or app in your life or if you are a seasoned internet creator Primoris Software can help you elevate your game to the next level. We know many of you will have questions on your journey to website greatness which is why we have created this frequently asked questions page to answer some of the more common inquiries we get.

Primoris Software Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #1: DHTML?

Primoris Software is driven by a technology know as DHTML or Dynamic HTML which is essentially is a suite of website building and creation tools that allows for dynamic scripting and presenting of web content. A combination of markup language (i.e. HTML), client-side scripting language (I.e. JavaScript), presentation definition language (i.e. CSS), and the Document Object Model, DHTML allows the user to take a suite of scripting languages to make one great website. Dynamic HTML strictly deals with how web page is viewed and is not to be confused with dynamic web pages that change based on who the user is.

Primoris Software Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #2: I Read DHTML Does Not Work Well Across Browsers Should I Be Worried?

While this is a concern on a larger scale there is little you have to worry about when designing in DHTML using the Primoris Software suite. We know how tricky it can be to design across browsers and devices which is why we have built in features that assure your code will come out compatible with both old and new technologies. Making cross functionality on the web easier is exactly why we created our software product so there should be no worries or concerns in regards to publishing web pages that work well in the current environment.

Primoris Software Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #3: What Is The Document Object Model?

When it comes to DHTML you have to think of it more as a group of technologies and internet languages rather then any one concept or tool. The contents of the documents represented by the combined merger of the markup languages are signified by objects in a programming model known as the Document Object Model (DOM). We know all of this can sound complex which is why we invented the Primoris Software to simplify these processes for everyone.